Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its a three ring circus this week!

With three always is!  So, posting is slim this week
Here are a few fun highlights.....

We love our CSA and are overflowing with veggies.

Lots of fun practicing with my new camera!

Ellen is getting a bit tired of me practicing.....

But she did let me snap this shot!

Sara is getting faster and faster every week!  Here she is getting ready 
for her race yesterday.

It was a very challenging three mile course but she finished strong with her second
best time of the season.

Tangi Cause for Paws is going strong and more boxes are being 
placed in businesses throughout the community

Elizabeth was featured on our local morning radio show and 
rallied support for her "Tangi Cause for Paws"

District Champs and the state championship is around the corner

And......most pressing is the November 15th deadline for all
the colleges Elizabeth is applying for......essay, applications, 
recommendation letters, forms, you name it....
we are in the middle of it!


  1. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun going on!

  2. Busy, Busy! One day we will actually be in the car at the same time and will be able to chat. But until then, hang in there! Thanksgiving isn't too far away, and then there will be milk punches and fried turkey and family... a great day- relaxing in spite of all of the work involved.

  3. Beautiful picture of the CSA veggies. I want to come over for dinner!

    What are the schools that Liz is applying to? I am so glad that I'll never have to fill out another school app again in my life. So stressful!

  4. is very stressful! I had no idea it would be this challenging....the essays and forms are multiplying like Ellen's bunnies...just when we think they are all done, we find another one to fill out! Have of it is a learning curve for me. By the time Ellen has to apply, we will be professional!


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