Friday, November 19, 2010

"Expecto Patronum"

Yesterday may have been an ordinary day on your calendar.....but in our house - it was one of the most exciting days of the year.......finally, the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is here!

 Dad's tie supply was raided.....

It is a tradition in our family to reread the entire series before a new
movie comes out, so the girls have been reading like mad. They finished
the entire series again...for Sara and Ellen and Elizabeth, it is the 8th time!  They play
a game where one of them repeats a quote from a book and the other
has to name the character who said it...most of the time, you can't stump them.
They know their Harry Potter ~ if you are new to the blog,
click on link to see what happened when one of our beloved
books literally, fell apart! ~ "Harry Potter purse".

And Dad's tying skills were needed!

Costumes were donned.........

Wands were whittled.......spells were practiced

No detail was left behind

After lots of spells, Harry Potter trivia and fun....they were ready

 for the midnight Harry Potter premiere!

Next step - researching the best recipie for "butterbeer"!

The secret ingredients

concocted by Sara

enjoyed by Katie

and Sara

and Elizabeth

At about a thousand calories a cup....this is not
on anyone's diet!

Sara and Rachael ~ casting spells on the world....
well, maybe just my dining room!

Sara loved her "twirly" skirt

Casting the final spells.....under the watchful eyes of "The Beatles"~
this link "Connect the Dots" tells that story......
(if you look closely, you will see that they each have 
a "crest" that they printed and colored from the computer...
like I said; no detail left behind!

the clock strikes twelve....and they were off!

yes....they do have school tomorrow starting at 7:30.....but hey, it is
The Harry Potter Premiere!!!!!!


  1. Wow what a cute idea! The girls looked amazing!

  2. That picture of Liz, where Gar is tying the tie- she looks gorgeous! What cute pictures- Tim and I are going today... to the afternoon showing... we're old. I'm impressed with the midnight showing- and early school day! The only midnight showing at our house was Jack's screaming as his fever spiked... ugh, parenthood. haha

    I can't wait until charlie is old enough for Harry Potter- he's going to LOVE it!


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