Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why can't every cabinet be a "lazy susan"

This morning, I awoke and was inspired to make something yummy for breakfast ~ it started with 
making pancakes but when checking out the pancake recipe, I came across a recipe for crepes.  Memories from childhood came flooding through from the times my Mom made us crepes and how fun it is to load them up with all sorts of yummy stuff.  So, you guessed it, I changed my mind and started looking for the items need to make crepes.

First item on the cup of evaporated milk.  I opened my lazy susan corner cabinet and began to search............and that  led my thoughts to the title of this post.  Look how much stuff can fit into a lazy susan cabinet!  Now, it is not much bigger than a regular cabinet, but I bet that I have more stuff in this lazy susan cabinet then my entire pantry.   The greatest thing: you can turn it to a) look for an item and b) retrieve the item that is found.  I know, I know ~ if you are an organized person, you are clenching your teeth trying not to shout, please lady, can't you just put all the soups together, the tomato products in another; and couldn't you have put the beans in the bean/rice section and not just shove them on top of the cans? The answer is NO ~ I am sorry, but I am just not wired that way and no amount of books, blogs and and internal chastising myself is going to change that.  I am not a "Superhero Mama"; but would like to be a sidekick to Superhero Mama - like Robin is to Batman.

Looking for my evaporated milk was like opening presents under my Christmas tree....who knew all that stuff was in there!  And the added bonus - the stuff that fell off my unorganized, stuffed to the gill shelves that you see there in the back.  Note to self - Please, Please wipe out that cabinet!
Anyway, in my defense; I cook a lot (sidekick to Superhero Mama) and I hate, hate, hate (am I getting my point across?) being without an item for a recipe.  Guess what? 
There. was. no. evaporated. milk. in. the. cabinet. 
Not to fear, sidekick to SuperMommy is here and I just did what I usually do:  run out to the store and get the perfectly right ingredient................ NOT!
I substituted plain milk!

I put 1 cup of regular milk
 (don't forget:  it should be evaporated)
4 medium eggs
I just love my fresh chicken eggs - can you
tell, I had to photograph it before
I cracked it! They are green because my 
chicken are Araucana chickens and are one of
my pride and joys.  We have had chickens for 
over 10 years and am addicted to their eggs.

1 Tbsp sugar
1 cup of flour in 

"It" that shall not be named
 ~ ( Mr. Blemdtec)  ~

I am mentioning that name so much that it is driving 
all my friends crazy, including myself.  
Why is my blog not famous right now, 
with hundreds of comments?  Do you
know what the Blendtec company 
would be doing for me if it was?
Do you know that I am responsible
for at least one person that
has already purchased it and 
about ten more that are about
to make the Sara's friends wants
it more than a laptop for Christmas and 
Elizabeth plans on asking for one
for her high school graduation present.
I am serious!
My friend (one of the many I have driven crazy
 talking about this machine) found 
the deal of a century on it. 
 Bed Bath and Beyond
sells them and just about everyone on 
this earth has a 20% coupon that
comes in the mail from them. 
 If not, I am sure you can find it online.  

Back to crepe making!  Just pour batter after oh, about two seconds of blending in Mr. Blendte ~ sorry, I can't help it, I still have to brag about that appliance.  Did you see the counter in the above picture?  Two hundred and ninety nine uses in about one and a half months.  After you pour a bit of batter into a hot non-stick  "Cephalon" skillet, ~I want the Cephalon company to like me too :) ~ swirl the batter and quickly turn the crepe over....this takes no time at all.  When it is golden brown, serve to three hungry children and feel oh, so proud of yourself for not pulling out the Bisquick box!  I am guessing no free items Bisquick will be coming my way; not to worry, I make everything fresh and homemade anyway. 

Great condiments to roll up in your crepes - healthy too!
(ha ha)
Cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar,
chocolate chips and honey were
our choices today.

 Please excuse the "paper plate".  It is the weekend!

:: Tip for the day ::

Who has with struggled tupperwares and storage containers ~ if you haven't please, please contact me and give me your tips for you are "Superhero Mama".  For all the other side kicks out there, I have finally come across a great solution:

Rubbermaid snaplocks ~ no, I am not getting compensated for this ~ YET!  Leave comments and become a follower on my blog people! Tell all your friends about my blog! It could happen.... a girl can always dream.
Seriously, I discovered them about a year ago and LOVE them.  They come in all shapes and sizes, never spill when they tip over, are dishwasher and freezer safe, store my homemade yogurt beautifully, are perfect for sending in lunch boxes, will make and serve you coffee in bed every get the picture! Oh ~ the very best thing of all; the lids stack and "click" into each other and the containers "nest" with each other too.  Your cabinets that are not lazy susans will be super organized; well the containers will be!

Make it a great day!


  1. I loved that post - I just re-organized my spice cabinet - so I can definitely relate...

  2. Oh, for Heaven's sake, Layne! That cabinet is TORTURING ME!!!! Haha! You need to get organized. I need to visit. And then you can visit me and clean my microwave. ;)

    Love the crepes- peanut butter and bananas, or any fruit with a little powdered sugar- so good! Hmm... maybe peanut butter and pickles? Just kidding. Even I'M not that pregnant...

    Good luck on that Blendtec deal... You do use it quite often! I think all Godmothers should get one for Christmas. Oh, wait! You already have one! I guess that leaves me... ;) If only I had the space! And the will to cook! Perhaps in a few weeks...

    I want a post about bread, a post with your Thanksgiving recipes, and a post with your best roast/meat recipes. Oh! And a top 10 things that you cook the most- we can all chime in on that one. Those are my requests!!

    Also, I think you should start smocking, in case I have a girl. Just sayin'.

  3. Julie,
    Once again you brighten my day! My one and only fan! At this rate, I can hang up all those ideas of wonderful "free" coupons and items being sent to me because of my worldwide famous blog....sigh. However, I have had the bread post in my mind so I will get on it. I do have the best shhhhh (bread machine) bread recipe out there! It did come from my grandmother so that kind of counts for a secret recipe handed down over generations. What a hip grandmother I have.....using a bread machine! As for need to start working on Dottie for all the hand-me-down smocked dresses I gave her. But I promise, if you have that will get a smocked dress from me. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to smock for boys!

  4. i love crepes especially with icing and condensed milk


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