Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Wondering......

1.  Does every high school celebrate homecoming as "big" as ours and is any other high school celebrating homecoming week in conjunction with Halloween????  Don't you think that is just a bit too much!  Sorry, but homecoming is trumping the "great college road trip, but that post will come.....eventually!)

Tuesday was "character day" and Sara went (of course) as a Harry Potter character ~ Elizabeth did dress up but she had to pick her costume up from a friend on the way to school so it is one of the few undocumented events in our lives.

Wednesday brought "cartoon day" and Elizabeth and Sara teamed up for this one....We visited the local Goodwill and found a blue shirt that Sara converted into the "Ash"costume.

Elizabeth used her Pikachu costume from third grade (what used to be pants are now shorts!) and Sara created the Ash costume to go with it. They both were (and secretly still are) HUGE Pokemon fans....when they were younger, they traded Pokemon cards, watched the cartoon, and lived, ate and breathed it....needless to say ~ this was right up their alley!

Pokemon balls ~ made out of Styrofoam balls from Hobby Lobby.

Ready for battle!

2.  Does anyone have a better reminder system for their household then "notes" stuck around the house with duct tape?

Note to UPS man:  please do not leave if we do not answer ~  go to the back door and knock very loudly! I would have been crushed had I missed the delivery of my D-90!!!!

Ellen is making a play toy for Felix (cockatiel) and needs lots of "pop tops" ~ and just in case you didn't understand the directions ~ it is well illustrated!

In addition to many notes all over the house, 
we keep a pretty good calendar of events!

I have taken to writing notes when I am upset with 
one of my children ~ I find it communicates my point and there is no misunderstanding of what I am trying to say. Emotions do not get in the way when you communicate through writing.  This was a note that I left Ellen yesterday to "gently" remind her of some things she needs to refocus on.

Note taped to TV ~ yes that is duct tape......note to self ~ go and buy some Scotch tape! We are tape-less in this house!

Really ~ there is that duct tape again ~ Ellen wrote this 
last night so she wouldn't forget her poster!

The reason she is wearing blue socks is because yesterday was crazy socks day ~ a part of Red Ribbon Week ~ a week long celebration to help with drug awareness.  Just wait till "crazy hair" day....I think it is tomorrow!

OK, I admit it, I "reused" Ellen's note for me...she forgot her lunch in all of the crazy "find
blue socks, get the poster, take pictures of Elizabeth and Sara in their Pokemon costumes, make three school lunches,  feed and water 13 bunnies and babes, and make a good breakfast for Elizabeth since she had major testing going on today" so I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to bring Ellen's lunch to school!

There was the note from Elizabeth taped on my kitchen cabinets to remind me to order
the flowers for homecoming...with specific instructions on what type of ribbon should
be on bootneer (how do you spell that!) ~ indigo ~ to match her dress of course!

And finally, after all those other notes around the house, I still make my own! This is my "to do list".  I am guessing that I need to get with the program and into the year 2010 to use some fantabulous (my invented word) technological invention that would keep me straight; but, I really like that pen and paper!
(and duct tape)  It works for me.

3.   Shouldn't the 11th commandment have been - Thou shall not have to endure 90 degree temperatures in October (after a brutally, hot summer of 100 plus degrees continuous heat)?

4.  Does the ice-cream/custard/snowball shop in your town have a bottle of syrup mixed especially for your children and their friends called "little cup of love"?  Our girls like the syrups of nectar and ice cream mixed ~ and when we went today, they told Ellen that her sisters and her friends asked for it so often that they made a "special" bottle of it. Now, when our girls order the "little cup of love", the custard store is ready with a special bottle of syrup mixed only for them!

5.    Does any one have "camera love and idolization" like I do....prepare to be wowed with my new photos from my new D-90! I am bursting with excitement for my new camera and am completely obnoxious about taking pictures on an hourly basis.

6.   Does anyone refuse to go to Hobby Lobby unless they have printed a 40 % coupon, found either on the Internet or newspaper,  before they go.  And, does anyone always print several extra copies so they can turn to the person behind them in line and give them a  40% coupon to "make their day"!  (It is so fun to see the expression on their face!)

We won't "darken the door" without our coupon!  Today, we were getting supplies for Ellen's costume.

7.  Does anyone have two expectant mama rabbits that they are checking on every other hour (while having three dogs in heat)?  This is Pebbles ~ there is no rhyme or reason to the name.....she is a good Mama and has had several litters.  I wonder if the marketing wizard at J.C. Penny (red torn up newspaper) envisioned  their ad as lining for bunny litters?

Ricki ~ a Flop eared bunny ~ see how the long ears hang down?  Flop eared bunnies along with  the Rex breed are my favorite....Ellen has had her for at least two years. 

8.  Does anyone have a husband as cute as I do ~ maybe he will be OK with me posting him on the blog with this question!

9.  Are there any other children that insist on "homemade" costumes (not that I am complaining but isn't it usually the Mama that wants that?) and come up with something creative ~ every year?  (and make them with a bird on their shoulder?) I have photos from this year and last year...but hopefully I
will have time to post previous years as every year is amazing.  

If you have followed my blog for a while, then you know that Sara is our "master seamstress"....she not only whipped up her outfit today, but also helped Ellen finish hers.  Ellen is a bag of autumn leaves and Sara is a character from Avatar ~ Navi.....I think!!!!!! Her costume is not complete but wait for upcoming pictures.

Almost done!

God knew what he was doing 
~ when he gave me three girls ~
and a Nikon D-90!!!!!

Last year's creation from the "from the mind of Sara "!  It began as a simple roll of green felt....and after they finished with it.........a Halloween masterpiece.  The only problem ~ bathroom breaks!

Ellen's "home made" costume from 2009 ~ an Octopus.....made from a blue hooded sweatshirt and the "suckers" are the paper circle stickers from Office Depot.  She diligently colored black dots on every circle and hot glued the circle on to the fabric.  The eyes are a Styrofoam circle cut in half and colored in with a black marker.  

10.   Did anyone try my easy home made yogurt (recipe on sidebar) really is a no brainer.....except when you turn oven on for a few minutes to "warm" it up, and forget to turn it off in your rush to get to Hobby Lobby.  When you come back, it will look like this! Don't let me scare you from making really is so easy ~ just make sure you turn the oven on for only five minutes, not two hours!

And, if you did....did you sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on it, bake it in a pretty dish and try to pull it off as dessert?

Just Wondering??????


  1. What an awesome post! Yep - we leave notes around the house - sometimes just saying - 'gone to walk the dog' - although that should be obvious if I and the dog are gone...hehe...

  2. Congratulations on your D-90. I am looking foward to your great celebration post!!
    I love my camera and would love to play more, practice more, and just know every stinkin' detail about it. So share what you know and go straight to manual..skip auto and have some fun!!

  3. Great post. It is nice to read a blog featuring teens. So many are about young kids. We have sticky notes all over our house. My girls make costumes from the thrift store rather than from scratch. You've got creative girls! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is fun to see who is reading. Check out the next post. My daughter got lost on the day I was writing "Loosening the Apron Strings."


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