Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Only in Louisiana - Part Six

Just when you think there can't be another single crazy post about Louisiana; there is!  We spent the weekend with some friends on the Zourich and what to our wondering eyes should appear? 
 An eleven foot alligator!

Don't worry, these girls didn't wrestle him to the
 ground and ride him around.
We just happened to catch some real "alligator hunters"
 coming in from  a good days work.
 They had four gators, but this one was the largest.

We also have a new family member that is 
quite a bit calmer than the critter above!

Ellen has been researching Cockatiels for about a month
and after much discussion finally convinced
her "big push over of a" Mom to let  her 
buy it with her "Bunny Money".
 Felix came home yesterday and she was
one excited girl.  She told me she felt like bursting
all day at school cause she couldn't wait to go 
pick him out at the Feed and Seed.

Felix isn't quite to the point where
we are comfortable handling him without 
gloves but Ellen already had him riding 
around on her shoulder last night, so 
it won't be long.  She also assures us that
she will have him talking very soon and sets 
her alarm for a 6:15 AM date with Felix
every morning for her training sessions!

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