Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creativity running rampant!

We were cleaning out our bookshelves and came
 across our Harry Potter book that had fallen apart 
(maybe from the fact that all three girls 
have read the entire series about seven times each
 and carried these books all over the world....literally). 
 With half of the chapters missing, we all 
were silently trying to decide what to do....none
 of us could bear to throw it away but
 it was completely unreadable!  
All of a sudden, Sara said
"I know what to do with it!"
Problem solved!  I gave it to her and finished the cleaning the
 bookshelf (which by the way, 
looks fabulously neat and clean). 
 The next morning, she
 proudly came down with this!  

Sara and Ellen took quotes from the book and lined the inside, 
then hodge podged the whole book, cover and all.  
Sara hot glued fabric on the sides 
and braided the strap 
and there you have it...a true 
"Harry Potter purse"

Sara is sharing it with Ellen but she got 
first dibbs to take it to school!  
Needless to say....it was a hit!

Not to be left out of interesting, creative projects......
let me introduce Elizabeth's venture!  She has
been writing a book for the last year and is around 30,000 words 
into it.  Any spare time she has, which 
is not much, she carries her 
"sketch book",  laptop and notebook around. 
 Her sketch book contains sketches of
all the characters along with their attributes 
and character descriptions.  I personally
have not seen it, as she is very private with it.
But from afar, it looks really cool!  
I have read her "rough draft" of the book
 and I say with bias, that 
it is awesome and she has a real shot 
at getting this thing published.
So what is this a picture of?  Several weeks ago, 
she came downstairs asking for duct tape. 
 I procured it for her and didn't bother to 
ask for what.  The next day when I entered her room, 
I was greeted with walls of index
 cards duct taped all over her room! 
 She now has so many characters in her book, 
that this is her invention to help her keep them
 straight!  You won't see this decorating style in 
Pottery Barn!


  1. Okay, the purse is ADORABLE!! Love it. So creative!

    And I'm so glad to hear that Liz is continuing to work on the book. It is fantastic. She needs to get it to a publisher.

    So impressive!!!!


  2. Love the purse, great idea, and the index card idea, she isnt the only one! I do genealogy and each person has a card (name, bdate, where, ddate, parents names, who they married and childrens names, plus any notes like if military, what census found in, etc. One of these days I am going to do like her and tape them on the wall!!


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