Sunday, June 20, 2010

Capture the Flag!

Memorial Day was marked with a HUGE Capture the Flag party.......this idea has been brewing in Elizabeth's head for a while and she came home from work asking if she could have this party.  I said sure...she said "good, because I have posted it on facebook as an event!"  This was a serious capture the flag party and required lots of preparation - the girls mapped out the areas and divided them with rolls of orange tape.  Lots of rolls of tape were required as the whole property was being used!  Jails were set up with all the comforts of home, coolers of drinks, snacks and a deck of cards to play until you freed from jail.  Rules were printed and posted.  LOTS of food was cooked - 100 pieces of chicken on the grill, 40 ears of corn were shucked and boiled in our craw fish pot as well as a big bowl of potato salad.  The games began around noon and about thirty players showed up.

The teams were drawn and divided into the Green team and the Blue team,
 camo was donned, face were painted with black paint, the games began!

Strategies were planned and plots to capture the other team's flag were carried out.

After about an hour and a half of playing......little Ellen and Grace, despite the fact that she was up against boys and girls six years older than them, slipped past all the players of the other team, and stole the flag right out from under Sara and Katherine's noses.  I happened to be walking outside and quickly snapped this shot as she ran by - This was a true moment of glory for Ellen and her friend Grace!  Think about being in fourth and fifth grade and not only being able to "Play with the big boys" but beating them at their own game.

And this was a moment of disbelief, disappointment and quite frankly "embarrassment" 
for Sara and Katherine! They were the "guards" of the flag and the twoyoungest players
in the game literally stole the show! 

Gary gives them a "high five" as they revel in their glory

Between games - eating the mountains of food we prepared

Don't underestimate the vertically challenged - In the words of one of 
Ellen's favorite songs..."Its all right to be Itty Bitty!"

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