Saturday, April 24, 2010

A watched chicken egg never hatches!

Grams came to visit and her visit happened to coincide with the date our baby chickens were to hatch. After 21 days of faithfully turning the eggs twice a day, checking the thermometer to keep the temperature constant and fretting over whether we were doing it correctly, we heard some little "peeps" coming from inside an egg!  Excitedly, we all sat down and camped around the incubator in anticipation of seeing our first little chick make his way into the world.  Even though it was a beautiful, sunny spring day and we were itching to get to the country, we waited

                                        And we waited,
afraid to even turn our backs!

Determined to make the most of the situation, Grams pulled
out her laptop and graded papers from her online course

It was so close that we just couldn't leave....we worried.....for several hours
"Is it stuck in there?" -  "Should we help it?"
"Is it in distress?"
We googled, it just takes time
Finally, after five hours, we gave up and headed to the country for
what was left for the day

We returned and........

He hatched!!!!

Try as hard as we could, we failed to see the emergence of any of the chicks
They are sneaky little critters and very private about  coming into the world!

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