Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring is Here!

Azaleas in the country
Blackberry blooms are everywhere....this is going
to be an awesome blackberry season!


Irises "framing our horses"

Babies, Babies, Babies.....dogs, chickens and bunnies
Sara has a new Labrador puppy - "Scout"

Ellen has been in high gear with her bunny breeding least 20 baby bunnies a month! 
No signs of a recession here
Here is a recent pic of the baby chicks hatched from the incubator....see previous blog
A watched chicken doesn't hatch
Mama "Delilah" and one of her babies
Flowers, Flowers......Flowers

The roses are from Mama's (my grandmother) original rose bushes...I took several cuttings and actually
                              was successful in rooting is a constant reminder of her.  Mama had no less than 100 rose bushes in her yard and not only had flowers all over her house, but provided her church with beautiful arrangements for church services, funerals and weddings.  She was infamous for the beauty she constantly provided.  One of the greatest stories I have about these rose bushes is back when Elizabeth was in second grade....they asked everyone to bring in flowers for the crowning of Mary.  Of course, during the hustle and bustle in life, I forgot.  I walked the girls to school and and once there,  quickly realized that I would have to run home, hop in the car and hope to find some kind of flowers at 7:30 AM.....all the way home from school I was berating myself for neglecting to have the flowers ready that morning.  I walked into the yard and my attention was inexplicably drawn to the rose bushes.....there on the bush were two beautiful red roses.....perfect for each girl to use at the ceremony.   I cut the two roses, returned to school and both girls were elated to have such beautiful flowers to use in their school ceremony.  I consider my grandmother to have been a "steel magnolia" but the scent of a rose brings back so many memories of her  and all the beauty she showered on the world.

Today, Sara and her friend Laura, took a nice long
bike fun on a spring day! 

She and her friends Ty-dyed shirts and boxers

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How does your garden grow?

It starts with the faith of a mustard seed
(along with a few more seeds)

Artistic labeling never hurts!
Lots of TLC and time on the sun porch

Finally, they meet their new home....
Stay tuned for flowers and vegetables.........galore!

A watched chicken egg never hatches!

Grams came to visit and her visit happened to coincide with the date our baby chickens were to hatch. After 21 days of faithfully turning the eggs twice a day, checking the thermometer to keep the temperature constant and fretting over whether we were doing it correctly, we heard some little "peeps" coming from inside an egg!  Excitedly, we all sat down and camped around the incubator in anticipation of seeing our first little chick make his way into the world.  Even though it was a beautiful, sunny spring day and we were itching to get to the country, we waited

                                        And we waited,
afraid to even turn our backs!

Determined to make the most of the situation, Grams pulled
out her laptop and graded papers from her online course

It was so close that we just couldn't leave....we worried.....for several hours
"Is it stuck in there?" -  "Should we help it?"
"Is it in distress?"
We googled, it just takes time
Finally, after five hours, we gave up and headed to the country for
what was left for the day

We returned and........

He hatched!!!!

Try as hard as we could, we failed to see the emergence of any of the chicks
They are sneaky little critters and very private about  coming into the world!