Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beast (and the milkmaid)

The annual school play was this weekend and as usual, it was incredible!  It was a the broadway version of Beauty and the Beast and had lots of musical numbers in it. This was Ellen's first year to be able to perform as you are allowed to try out in fifth grade.  The tryouts were in September and Ellen was selected to be a milkmaid and had an outstanding solo consisting of one word  - "Bonjour"!  They practiced three days a week for the next five months, but she loved it and never complained. 
However, there was a bit of a battle over protecting her one of the other little girls beside her started to sing with her when Ellen had her "solo" of Bonjour so it became a duet.  Not to be upstaged, Ellen nicely asked the girl why she was singing her line and the girl replied "I want to sing a line too"  so Ellen was a little perturbed but decided that was all she could do and wasn't going to cause a problem over it.  Her friends thought differently and reclaimed Ellen's turf by telling the girl that she just could not do that!  So, Ellen's little voice rang out loud and clear (and by herself) for the play!  Oh, the problems of a fifth grader! 

This is my personal favorite scene of the play!!!!! Just where does she get that beer drinking skill from?

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  1. She looks so cute! I bet that it was great- you need to post some videos! And I love the beer shot- a Gambel girl if I ever saw one! haha


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