Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sew Cute, Funny, Seventeen, Coincidental, Scientific, Beautiful, Excited and Thankful!


Sara is "sew crazy"........she has been sewing up a storm and this past weekend made four skirts, including   one for her friend Laura and one for Ellen.  Her sewing frenzy also included "throw pillows" for Elizabeth's car seats - see  pics below!  We were pleasantly surprised to find that there is the exact same skirt that she designed featured at J Crew for $100.00.  (Ours only cost $4.00!)   Next on the sewing agenda is a dress that will test both her and my skills.  Hopefully a pic will soon follow!
                                                                J Crew look-a-like)


Sara's birthday gift to Elizabeth!!!!  So in vogue to have your skirt match the throw pillow in your car!


Elizabeth is now officially seventeen.   She selected our famous "French Dip Roast beef sandwich" along with home-made mashed potatoes and instead of birthday cake, I made the white chocolate bread pudding recipie from the Brennan's Palace Cafe for dessert....with 4 and 1/2 cups of heavy cream, butter, milk and twelve eggs, it is sinfully delicious!  My new tradition is to have a special centerpiece for the birthday girl...for Sara, I decorated a Christmas tree with lots of pics from her life; for Elizabeth - We glued various candy bars to wooden skewers and stuck them in a pink hydrangea plant.  I chose the pink hydrangea because when Elizabeth was born, it was a popular gift and my house was filled with them.   They  come into season around the first of February and they always remind me of my sweet little baby!

        Seventeen (gasp) candles!

    Laura's gift tag to Elizabeth - look closely and you will see the birthday girl's face!  Elizabeth is a "Beatlemaniac"


Maisy's birthday happens to be February 1st too!  We searched for a month to find Maisy and when we finally brought her home, Elizabeth was studying the papers and discovered that her birthday was was the same day as hers!  She has been an awesome dog and although she never replaced Rascal, she eased the pain for all of us!



Science Fair time again.....thankfully, I only have one at Holy Ghost now so that means only one science project!  Ellen chose to test the bacteria in all of her animal's, chicken, dog, cat, chicken, bunny, dove and herself!  The title of the project is "Which do you pick to have the most Ick?" She obtained sterile swabs  and petri dishes from a friend of ours that is a biologist at SLU and as you can see below, swabbed lots of mouths.....

And the winner is...(drumroll please).......Chickens!   Surprisingly, humans had the least but were a close tie with the doves.   Ellen was the test case for the human, so maybe she really is brushing those teeth! She won at the school level and our next competition will be the Regional Fair at SLU.

Ellen decided to do her own experiment of sorts.....the day she started this experiment, she had this mass of wire and rubber bands put on her teeth by her orthodontist.  She had quite a nice little gap between her two front teeth so he did this to close the gap...when she was in her appointment, he asked "what color rubberbands would you like?"  Not realizing that this was going to be on the front four teeth and very prominant, Ellen chose blue!  You can see the amazing progress of the gap closing as well as her beautiful "blue" smile now!  We didn't get the pic on the last day, but by day four it was completely closed!  Still got the vampire fangs but hopefully, we will be working on that soon!


ELizabeth was in the ball of Osyris and really had fun.....her friend Katie joined us for all the festivites


For the first time in the history of Saint's football, we are going to the Superbowl!  The excitement of New Orleans and all of Louisiana is at an all-time frenzy.   Schools and businesses are actually closing on the Monday following the game!  The "Who Dat Nation" is in high gear!  We watched the game at the Crosbys and were on the edge of our seats the whole time....thankfully, a field goal assured our victory!


For lots of great memories!

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