Friday, February 5, 2010

Only in Louisiana - Part Four!

We have broken all rainfall records this year and yesterday was no exception.  Today is the first playoff game for our STA soccer team and I got this email this morning from their coach! I copied it from my email and am pasting it below! This is not a joke!  I am about to head off to the game in an hour and will be sure to document the results if it was successful!  I have a feeling there will be a part five coming soon, as I hope to go to the quarter on Saturday and will document Saint's fan mania!

Help Dry out The Soccer Field

8:39 AM (5 hours ago)

I am sending this message out to anyone who may know someone with an air boat that we can use this afternoon to blow the water off of the soccer field in an attempt to make it more playable. If you have any information that could help with this please contact me ASAP.

Joshua Wittie

Technology Coordinator/Teacher/Head Girls Soccer Coach

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

(985) 974-9046

For anyone not from LA  reading this I am posting a pic of an airboat.  It is a boat powered by a huge fan on the back and we ride around the marsh in them as there is very little water in the marsh and you can go from water to land in an airboat.  I would love to have a video of someone riding around the soccer field "drying" it out!

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