Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our little Vampire

Sheer terror!!!

All done!

Getting braces in our family is now "old hat"~ Ellen was pretty excited about it (as documented in previous blog) but I really didn't think to explain the process of how they would put them on her.  She woke up and on her own, put on a cute dress and fixed her hair in preparation for the big day.  If you look closely at the first picture, you can see her "fang" that is growing in......vampires are in "vogue" now!  She was excitedly nervous and when she laid down in the chair, I was surprised to see that her legs logs were locked so tightly that they were straight as a board, her fist were clinched into little balls and her eyes were shut tight.  I kept telling her to relax, that it would not hurt but she kept those eyes shut and fist clenched.  I then realized that she was scared to I suggested to the orthodontist that he start explaining what he would be doing, step by step, as he proceeded with the braces.  It  eased her concerns but she was obviously still very tense.  This was odd for her and I was feeling rather guilty for taking such a casual attitude about getting  braces  About twenty minutes into the process, the orthodontist asked which dentist I would be using to have some of her teeth pulled.....we had known that she was going to have to have some teeth pulled due to the overcrowding in Ellen's mouth.  Ellen popped up and said, "wait - you mean you are not going to pull them today"?  She had been bracing herself the whole time for them to start pulling teeth.   I asked her if she thought they were just going to reach over and yank the teeth out with no anesthesia...... she said all she saw was some tools on the tray that looked like they would be used to pull teeth and figured they were going to use them!  I constantly have to remind myself that she is still just a ten year old!  Once she realized that her teeth were not going to be pulled, she relaxed and we finished the process with all of her teeth intact! 

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