Sunday, December 20, 2009

A few of my favorite things...OK... a lot of my favorite things!

Christmas Clothesline - A tradition started by my mother.....this year I made stockings to put the treats in!  As I had to do when I was young, the girls have to clean their room and pick up their things thoughout the house and then they get a treat each night.

Ellens "countdown calendar"....she diligently erases it everynight and updates it.

One of the special things I received after Mama and Papa died.....three crystal trees.  She used to place them on her mantle in a swirl of angel hair and lights...

Sara's "tree of  life"....we had her birthday party on the Zoric (boat) and several friends came and spent the night.  It was one of the wettest, rainiest nights I have ever seen but we still celebrated!

Ellen made a "birthday certificate" for Sara

A boat full of girls the morning after Sara's birthday

The tree of lights in Cate square....we see it every night during the Christmas season

Ellen and friends with Santa.  Our neighborhood  provides luminaries to all the houses and on Friday night, everyone lit them on the sidewalks in front of their house and gathered in Cate square to sing carols, take pics with Santa and drink hot chocolate.

My new glass ball ornaments made by Molly......thrilled about my tree this year

They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

My tree

One of my first ornaments.....Mona made this for me when I was a baby and each sequin is secured by a pin...a very time consuming project!

My "weinachts" man (I know I massacred that German name)...Miriam and John gave it to me and you put insense inside, light it and it smokes!  (smells good too)

My mantle

Reindeer and Sled.....found this several years ago and just love it!

Decorating "Hank"....Sara's deer

The fact that my girls stay home on Friday night and bake a cake for a friend!

Sunset on the river

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