Friday, December 4, 2009

Enjoying the Zoric TOO

After five years of "knashing of teeth, pulling of hair, ......well you get the picture), we are finally able to really enjoy the Zoric.  It survived this hurricane season so we can breathe easy until next year and we hope the nickname of "Frankenstein" is buried forever.  The girls are becoming quite the "huntresses" after several hunting trips! 

Our new "logo" sign

The old girl looks good

Ellen has been working with Libby "her golden retriever" and she is now retrieveing ducks
for her.   As Maisy has always gotten the attention for being such a "pretty" dog, Ellen is now enjoying the fact that her dog is a great retriever and in the hunting world that counts a lot more than a pretty face!

Sara is wondering just where she is going to fit!  Gary's car stays like throughout hunting season!

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