Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Ten Commandments

In an attempt to "declutter' our house, we spent the weekend working on cleaning out the upstairs playroom.....since the girls have been there for the past ten years (they were 4 and 6 when we moved into this house), there are so many toys, books and playthings that no longer relate to any of their ages, including Ellen, anymore. One of the more particularly sentimental items on the list to "go" was dry erase board that Elizabeth came up with when she was around seven! They have been on the wall for a while and always made me smile when I looked that way. They are as follows:

The ten commandments of this room

1. Thou shall share toys with my friends and neighbors
2. Thou shall leave this room cleaner than I found it (I love that one!)
3. Thou shall be responsible for others toys that you are playing with
4. Thou shall not play with clock, aircondishon, or other dangerious idems
5. Thou shall find what I have lost (That one cracks me up too)
6. Thou shall treat evryone fairly
7. Thou shall not drink in playroom
8. Thou shall not fight
9. Thou shall be careful with sharp Idems
10. Thou shall not eat food in playroom

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