Friday, July 17, 2009

You can't make this stuff up if you tried...only in LA - Part 2

Just as I was proudly (and I do mean proudly) hitting the "publish Post" button on my blog (so glad to break my two month streak of non blogging), Ellen and her friend burst through door laughing and talking so fast that I couldn't
understand a word! I said "what is going on?" Speaking at the speed of light they said, "we were taking a walk with "Liberty" (Ellen's new golden retriever puppy; next blog subject!) and we decided to make a pit stop in Gran-E's bathroom." Let me preface this story with the fact that this is an outdoor bathroom/washroom and very "rustic"! As Ellen was "doing her business" a butterfly flitted by her...she thought it was a bit strange that a black butterfly was in a bathroom but upon closer inspection realized it was in fact a "bat". In her words, she "spazzed" out and was so freaked out she couldn't unlock the door so was trapped in the bathroom with a bat in the belfry, I mean bathroom! Now, we are in the country.... miles from anyone so why is the door locked? Anyway, she and Reagan raced back to tell me and being the overprotective mother that I am, I said "Oh, that is is my camera; go back and take a picture and I will add it to my blog!" They agreed and I waited thinking "How perfect is this timing as I was just talking about critters!" (see blog before this one) I guess most mothers might be worried the bat would bite them and they could get rabies but hey, I just resurrected the blog and that thought was not on my horizon! When they returned, they said they could just not get the picture as the bat was flitting around to quickly to get a pic and they did admit "it was a bit scary". Now, back to reality and over my blogging triumph, I realized that I had probably asked them to bite off a bit more than they could chew. However, still determined to get the pic for this blog, I took the camera and off we went. The pic of them walking Liberty and still talking very excitedly about the bat is above. I went in (admittedly timid). Even, Mrs. Dr. Doolittle is a bit afraid of a bat in an enclosed area! We searched in vain and the girls helped, to no avail. I guess we disturbed the bat taking his afternoon constitution! But, we will go back and try to get a pic this evening, hopefully hanging from the rafters as bats do! Now, that I am back to blogging...if we get the pic, you will see it! Stay tuned!


  1. Louisiana living is NOT for the faint of heart. Bryan spent an hour one night last week hunting down and killing three flies that managed to sneak into the house - he running around like Rambo with a rolled-up newspaper. You on the other hand, nerves of steel! Loved the story about the raccoon. I felt sorry for that little critter clinging on to the bathroom pipe for dear life.

    Great to have you back in the blogging world. Now where is kinderstrasse?


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