Sunday, July 26, 2009

We miss our girls, but I bet they don't miss us!

Our girls have been at camp since July 1st and won't be home until August 8th.....thankfully, technology helps with keeping the parents updated by posting pictures everyday of campers and their activities. Both Sara and Elizabeth are paddling fanatics and they have paddled and kayaking on just about every river within driving distance of the camp. In between their outings, (some are 3-5 days long and they camp out overnight while paddling down the rivers) , there are lots of fun camp activities such as Camp Olympics (Liz was on the green team and Sara was blue) and "Down and Dirty"; they have a big food fight with chocolate sauce, chocolate pudding, sprinkles and socks filled with powdered sugar that they whack each other with! They also bike up and down the mountain trails, horseback ride, sail, rock climb and name just a few of the activities These are just few of the many fun things they do!

Sara is practicing her strokes but
still looks "cool"

Elizabeth - kayaking on a difficult rapid

Sara is learning to kayak.

"Down and Dirty" (above)

Sara - jumping into the water to clean offafter "down and dirty". She is on the left in the black shorts!

Blue team wins gold medal - Sara in middle

The green team is serious about their color

Elizabeth - kayaking



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