Sunday, July 19, 2009

Give me Liberty.....or give me death!

After cleaning up accidents, several chewed up books, midnight outings for her to relieve herself and general puppy chaos....I might prefer the latter! Actually, the oh so sweet "puppy breath", snugly soft fur, sweet butterfly kisses, constantly wagging tail and the pure joy in Ellen's face make it all worth while. The fact that I am an animal lover doesn't don't worry we will have Liberty!!!!

Why did we get a dog? After dropping the older two girls off at camp, Ellen and I were headed home from North Carolina and there was a strange sense of emptiness. Five weeks of this seemed unfathomable. Ellen has been asking in a wistful voice for a dog for months, read every dog training book we have and even spent her hard earned "bunny money" on another dog training book. So, on the drive home, an idea hit me. Why don't I let her get a dog: it would keep her company while her sisters were at camp, there would be no better time to do this since she is out of school, and ten years old is such a good age to get your first dog. So, I said "Ellen, I think the time has come for you to get a dog". She looked at me with wide eyes waiting for the punch line to the joke! When it did not come, she said "Really?", still not believing her ears. I confirmed it and she jumped up and down and was so excited for the next several days......her only concern was Sara who is supposed to be able to pick out the next dog. I made the executive decision that we would just have to have three dogs (poor me) and Sara could pick one out when she finds the perfect one. (She has been looking, with no success for a year, trying to find the perfect one)

What is her name? We named her Liberty Belle. 1. We found her after four days of Internet searching in Liberty, Texas. 2. It was right after the Fourth of July and it fit with the theme 3. Her mother's name is Belle!

Fun Stuff: We decided to make a bed for her! Ellen picked out the fabric from my infinite amount of fabric scraps I have (all waiting to be smocked, but, oh well) and she designed the layout. We put it together and stitched Liberty's name on it. You can see the the finished product!

Maisy also loves her and helps us dog sit by playing with her...their favorite game is "who can get the stick". Needless to say, Maisy usually wins!"

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