Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A "frickin awesome smile"

Of course, the day after I posted camp pictures, these amazing pictures came up on the website of Elizabeth. She has definitely perfected the "smiling while you are in the middle of a deadly rapid" technique. Elizabeth was a good subject, but after working on my photography skills, I give a lot of credit to the camp photographer! The title of this post came from a story that happened last year at camp....Elizabeth and a group of girls were paddling down a river and struck up a conversation with a group of boys from a nearby camp....apparently after they left the boys realized that they never got the girl's name but knew the name of the camp they attended. The next day a letter arrives at Camp GreenCove....and says:
Hey Camp Greencove Girls,
Us FCC guys (Falling Creek Camp) had a good time seeing some of you at the Tuck. We just had finished a two day paddling trip on the Tuck so we were pretty tired. Normally, we would have talked and hung out, at least I would have (that girl with the white kayak had a fricken awesome smile)....and so on! Well, Elizabeth has the only white kayak and does have a pretty nice smile (Thanks to Dr Whitley) so the camp directors figured out she was the recipient of the letter and delivered it to her; but not without reading it to the whole camp at their morning assembly! Needless to say, she was teased unmercifully. They framed it and she has it on her desk!

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