Friday, March 13, 2009

Signs of Spring

Gardens are growing, clovers are blooming, horses are feeling frisky, chickens are laying and azaleas are blooming! My favorite time of year is here! I know I don't have it as bad

those that live in the North but Spring is

still a breath of fresh air! Never mind that it

got so hot, we turned on the upstairs AC, it froze up and dripped through the kitchen ceiling!
The azalea below has a story....six or seven years ago, Charlie bought about 200 one gallon azaleas for the country....we spent weeks planting them and couldn't understand how he could buy so many at one time. Now they are everywhere and are big and when in full bloom are beautiful. Now I say "Why didn't he buy more!"

My birthday present of twelve chickens back in June are now giving back and I get about 20 eggs a day. Nature provides a beautiful palette.

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