Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Larger than Life"

Elizabeth has been complaining about how boring her Biology Honors class is and how the teacher drones on and on with notes. Lately, the teacher decided to spice the class up a bit and gain some interest with class participation. Every now and then he assigns a student to present notes and if they get really in to it, they will present them with a power point computer presentation or some time of prop. This week was Elizabeth's turn and she decided to show the teacher how to get the interest of the class. She took her notes and not only made a PowerPoint presentation but presented them to the tune of "Larger than Life" Now this was done completely to the surprise of her classmates (except her close friends, one of which filmed this for her) and her teacher! Check it out! Unfortunately, the video doesn't capture the hilarity of the power point which she says it is the funniest part of the presentation (hard to believe). I haven't seen the what she had on the computer but I have a hard time believing it is funnier than what is in this video!

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