Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was really quiet at the log cabin on Sunday (unusual)! Quietness is not something that happens often in our household so for a while, I just enjoyed it! However, curiosity got the best of me, and I began to go searching for everyone. I found them out in the yard, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and sounds of the country. Sara is reading "Marley and Me" for the second time. She is dying to go to the bookstore as she has read everything of interest to her in both school and city library (Hammond doesn't have the best facility!) Elizabeth is reading Inkheart and Ellen is reading the series by Percy Jackson that starts with "The Lightning Thief" Big John and Aunt Miriam have provided us with many good books, but by far, the Percy Jackson series is the biggest hit with all of them and now their friends. Sara has read the four books that are out no less than five times each! In May, the fifth one comes out and it is already on Sara's calendar to hit the bookstore the day it is released. Ellen is reading voraciously to have them all read before it arrives! She is on the third book, so she will make it. The shot of her above is her usual position at the Hammond house in her "reading tree" In her zest to read this series, she gets home from school at 2:45 and will read until dark in this tree. The other place she picks to read is in her room, sitting on the floor, wrapped up in her curtain! She usually has a bunny or a cat with her!

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  1. These pictures are like watching a movie that is more idyllic than true. Isn't it great that it is actually part of your life?


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