Friday, February 27, 2009

Can you believe it?

Is it an apple? Is it a red balloon?

No it is an actual Louisiana strawberry.....the biggest one we have ever seen! Ellen discovered this whopper and after it was well documented , ate the whole thing

A new insectarium opened in New Orleans and this was one of the many interesting exhibits....can you find the insect?

It is the leaf with the brown spot on the end directly in the center of the picture....Is nature amazing or what?

Throw me something Mister! Mardi Gras was a huge success this year....great weather and lots of parades.....a recipe for fun.

This guy is famous! His name is Granpa and we have been watching him play for years in the quarter....he was recently featured in a world released video "Playing for a change" can find it on You Tube. If I knew how, i would put a link to it, but I am not that technical yet! Just put in Granpa and French Quarter and he will pop up!

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