Friday, February 27, 2009

Can you believe it?

Is it an apple? Is it a red balloon?

No it is an actual Louisiana strawberry.....the biggest one we have ever seen! Ellen discovered this whopper and after it was well documented , ate the whole thing

A new insectarium opened in New Orleans and this was one of the many interesting exhibits....can you find the insect?

It is the leaf with the brown spot on the end directly in the center of the picture....Is nature amazing or what?

Throw me something Mister! Mardi Gras was a huge success this year....great weather and lots of parades.....a recipe for fun.

This guy is famous! His name is Granpa and we have been watching him play for years in the quarter....he was recently featured in a world released video "Playing for a change" can find it on You Tube. If I knew how, i would put a link to it, but I am not that technical yet! Just put in Granpa and French Quarter and he will pop up!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I I have been a very bad blogger and have fallen off the blogging bandwagon....thanks to some gentle encouragement from relatives, I am going to re energize the blog! So much goes on in our life that I don't even know where to start...but I will start with our recent birthdays! Elizabeth was sixteen on Feb 1st and since we have not had a "friend" birthday party for her in four years (such a bad Mom, I am!) she asked to have a "Sweet Sixteen Party" at the Log Cabin. She wanted no ordinary party and believe you me, we made up four years of no parties with this one! The one thing she really wanted was a live band! Since we had to have the party on Valentines (Feb 14th) this was no easy task to find. After searching for weeks, to no avail, we found "Wyld Chyld) on the this is a week before the party and we are desperate as we not only have no band, but also no DJ or any kind of music. They were available and in our price range (actually at the bottom of our price range which was not reassuring) and without hearing the music we took a leap of faith! I was fully prepared for tattooed, skin heads to show up and when four nicely dressed elderly men showed up, my hopes were rekindled. They came an hour early to set up and had a full four piece band....played classic rock from the 60s, 70, 80 and 90 and were totally awesome. Gary and I were bummed that we had wasted this on a sixteen year old and didn't have all our friends there! So the night was a success...we dodged a torrential rainstorm and only had some sprinkles, lots of her friends came and everything was just as we planned. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't...this time it did!

Yesterday we celebrated the two "Ellen's" birthday.....Gary's Mom and our Ellen! Little Ellen was 10 yesterday. When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to name her Ellen if it was a girl and how lucky was it that she was born on "Big Ellen's" birthday! So we started the morning with a trip to the Rex den to view the floats...they always have a fun party at the den with a jazz band, drinks and fun stuff like a balloon man for the children. You get to walk around and see all the floats...they are truly works of art! Then we went to the Country Club with the whole Gambel Gang...Dottie, Mike and their five children, Pat and Grace and their three and us. There was a wonderful buffet and we enjoyed a great meal at a leisurely pace. One of the really special gifts that Ellen got was a necklace that had Gary's grandmother name (Lorraine Nalty) engraved on the back from 1930. Ellen's middle name is Lorraine (which is also a funny story) so it is so nice to have those sentimental gifts passed down throughout the family. I haven't uploaded pics yet but will try to get that done soon! The funny story about Ellen's middle name is ....One day a friend asked her what her middle name was...I wasn't really listening but heard her say...Ellen The Rain Gambel. So I stopped the conversation and said Ellen, what is your middle name (she was about six at this point) and she said "The Rain". The poor child thought her middle name was The rain...and was totally surprised when I told her what her middle name really was! Well, now that I have redeemed my blog, we are off to Cafe Du Monde and then to parades! We are in the heart of Mardi gras right now and are having a blast. I will take some good pics today and try to blog about it tomorrow!