Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ellen's page

This page is dedicated to Ellen, who wistfully pointed out that she didn't have much space on the blog! It is hard to be the "third child"....all of the "firsts" have been taken: the first to take a step, the first to make the honor roll, the first to have a dog, the first to present their Science get the picture. So this is the "first" page dedicated to my third child. Ellen is sad as she is now reading the very last Nancy Drew in the series. There are 58 books and she has been haunting the library trying to get the last one and yesterday, we found it. It is bittersweet as she wants to read it, but will have no more books left to read in the series. Right behind her, dying to read it too, were "Barnaby" (our new cat that just adopted us) and her baby bunny that made the cut and did not get sold to Feed and Seed. Ellen's new business is "Hoppy Days" and she breeds and sells bunnies for $5.00 each. She made $30.00 this month! By the way,the term " multiplying like rabbits" is no joke. They produce babies about every three to four weeks. Ours are just getting old enough to be a "Mama", but when they are all producing, Ellen will be a gazillionaire! We now have three females and three males. My next blog will be dedicated to all the animals we house and you will see that I have truly earned the title of Mrs. Doolittle.
Above is also a picture of Ellen with her new purse, wallet and sweater. The purse and wallet were purchased out of her hard earned money (not the bunny money, that all goes to the bank) and they literally have not left her body. She wear it all day, puts on her pajamas and then puts the purse back on. You just never know when you might need a little change while brushing your teeth or piddling around the house! Her other new acquisition is the blue sweater. It used to be my good blue sweater from Banana Republic until unbeknownst to anyone, it snuck into the washer and came out just perfect for Ellen! As Ellen said to me "Your loss is my gain". Finally, you see Ellen with Gary on his birthday in his traditional birthday hat (to give credit where it is due, the hat was made by Sara!) The girls always make the most outlandish hat we can create and the birthday boy or girl has to wear it for their birthday dinner! Now that Ellen has received her fair share of the blog, I can fill you in on what else has been happening. Sara left for Washington DC at 4:00 am on Monday morning. Her class will be touring the city for the next week. Gary is working hard but has been able to take a few hunting trips and is filling our freezer with ducks. Elizabeth is starting indoor track and had a meet at the LSU indoor track. She ran the mile in 5:56, which is about 20 seconds off her best but she still came in 10th out of 31. It is the first meet of the season so is getting back into the groove. She is still playing soccer and their team is doing well. The soccer season ends at the end of this month. That is all for now!