Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our "Mimi" Christmas tree

For the last four years one of our very good friends (Mimi) has given each of the girls a Christmas ornament. As I was brought up in a household where only red and green ornaments (with the exception of those oh so darn cute homemade ornaments), were allowed on the tree, this is quite a departure from my traditional Christmas tree.  So this year I came up with a wonderful solution....we would dedicate a whole tree to the fabulous and uniquely different ornaments that we will likely be receiving for many years to come. We now look forward to what this year will bring us and can't wait for her to give us some new ones. There is a lively debate going on in our house about just which ornament is the girls favorite.  I go back and forth between the oil slick cat and the pink sparkly pig. The girls argue endlessly between the grey octopus and the yellow, pink and purple glitter fish....I didn't even put all the photos up of our wide variety, but did choose the finalist of our arguments. So how about a vote. We want to hear from your children and maybe the winner can be chosen. When this years batch arrives,we will start the process all over again. Now that I have conquered the posting of pictures....I am dangerous.

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