Sunday, December 28, 2008

The most exciting moment of the year

Several weeks ago, Ellen told me what was the most exciting time of the whole year for her.....the moment just before you go out and check out all the loot Santa left you. Of course, I try to drag that moment out as long as possible. I have to make my coffee, find the camera, take some pics, and whatever else I can do to torment them! As you can see from the picture above, Ellen has all her friends in tow for the big event....Bitty Baby, Samantha and her favorite stuffed animal, "Apple" After a hectic week and a busy day on Christmas Eve, it was nice to wind down with Christmas Eve mass at Gary's parents house. It is forty year old tradition for close friends and family to go to the Gambels and a priest has mass at their house. It puts the Christ back in Christmas and by that time all I have concentrated on is getting presents in the mail, wrapping gifts, mailing Christmas cards and all the other trappings of Christmas. It is a great reminder of what it is all about. After mass (around 6:30) we headed back to the log cabin and decorated our tree. Because of our "snow storm" the log cabin lost power for several weeks. We were not able to come out before Christmas to decorate our tree so had decided to do it Christmas Eve. It was really nice and afterwards we read Christmas books and sipped on eggnog. I didn't get the boiled custard made this year so we had to make do with eggnog. All in all it was a great Christmas and I am looking forward to the new year....2009! Wow!

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