Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a small world

Last night we went to a soccer game between Newman and St Thomas (in New Orleans). As I was walking to the concession stand a women stopped me and said " you remember me?" Well, the Harriet was a dead givaway that she was someone I knew in college! When I looked at her, I knew exactly who she was (thank goodness). She was one of the first girls I met going through rush and was one of the reasons I chose KD as my sorority. We clicked right away and were good friends. I spoke to her for a while and caught up....then went to watch the game. Before the game was over I wondered back over to where she was sitting so I could say Goodbye. Her daughter (girl in pic with Liz) was with her and so she introduced me to "Drita" you don't hear about many girls with the name Drita and chills went up my spine. I said by chance, did you go to Greencove camp in North Carolina? She said yes and I told her I was Elizabeth Gambel's mother. She and Elizabeth had been good friends and camp and Drita had even just called her several days ago when she saw Elizabeth's picture in the paper for Squires! She didn't even know Elizabeth was on the field playing so they had a big reunion when the game was over. Is it Karma when that happens? Good friends daughters meet hundreds of miles away and become friends as well? It was a nice way to end the year!

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