Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Caroling in the park

Our annual Christmas Caroling in Cate square was tonight. It is always nicer than I remember....Everyone in the neighborhood lines their sidewalks with luminaries and then gather in the park to sing Christmas carols. They serve hot chocolate, popcorn, cookies and take pictures with Santa. The Holy Ghost choir was there to sing Christmas Carols. It was nice to cap off a busy day with that. Today was a day I want to always remember. It started with mass at Holy Ghost this morning at 8:00. Whenever I attend the Holy Ghost mass, I am always moved to tears. There is something about seeing 800 children singing, praying and devoting their attention to God that always does my heart good. I literally have to scold myself for tearing up during the service. I mean, that is just silly that I cry for "no particular reason at all" as Forrest Gump would say. Anyway, at the end of the service, they announced that Sara was the 8th grade student of the year and I was just so proud of her. Gary and I were discussing the fact that she makes success look so darn easy. After the service, I ran errands...mailed Christmas gifts, made bread, wrapped packages and around 11:30 ran to take Elizabeth her soccer duds that she forgot. She was still in her Spanish exam and was the last person to finish...her teacher finally said you have to go now, everyone else left an hour ago. This is the class we are most worried about gradewise. We got the word this afternoon that she made an A and that means she has another 4.o this year. Gary and I are so proud. She worked very hard for it this year. I can hardly believe that I have a 4.0 student and student of the year. I am soo tired so I have to go now

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